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Information finding & Research

Some information is hard to find online as only local Thais would know. Many times the information is out-of-date, is not available on the internet or available but in Thai only. 


Here're what we are able to help you.

  • Gather information and make comparisons on different product packages and plans.

  • Simplify information and summarize it for you.

  • Give you in-depth details of the things you want to know.
Examples of what we did.
  • Recommended the right doctors/specialists to treat unusual diseases.

  • Suggested which insurance plan is best to buy.

  • Explained why Thai customs charge high price on particular imported parcels.



Couriers & Errand-running*
We have service partners and connections to ensure that your requests for a courier, a messenger,
a van or a truck to deliver, pick up, transport or organize things will be completed in a hassle-free and timely manner, with reasonable cost.


  • Post a parcel at the post office.

  • Pay a fine ticket at a police station.

  • Move furniture and belongings to a new place.

  • Drive customer's car back home safely.



Product & Service searching

If you are looking for hard-to-find products that is not available at common places in Thailand, we will do every possible way we can to locate them.


Other than searching for retailers, we will contact distributors or manufacturers, as well as place an order for you.

We also have a team of reliable maid, handyman, repairman and technician on our list. Or if you'd like to hire any other service providers, we will do our best to find and screen them to meet your needs.



Shopping service*
  • Want to buy some furniture at IKEA? 


  • Craving for something that is far from home but they don't offer delivery?

We have reliable assistant who can go buy products anywhere in Bangkok and will get it delivered to your place.



General translation & Interpretation

If you need help translating with something in general, informal or small things in your daily life that translation companies don't normally do, something like....


  • Instructions on how to use products.

  • Nutritional info on food package.

  • Company information on their website.


Or if you need help speaking with Thai sellers, shops or companies to overcome language and cultural barriers,
consider us to be your assistant.



Making phone calls & Arrangements
  • How many times did you try to contact local companies or govenment organizations but nobody answered?


  • How many times did you call service providers and ask them to come fix something at your place but they never showed up?


  • How frustating is it when you get ripped off or overcharged by sellers because you don't know the actual Thai price?


If any of those questions remind you of troubles you have faced, we are here to help making calls to speak and follow up with service providers on behalf of you. Just send us your requests, we will organize, handle and deal with anything you need. To name a few.....


  • Communicate with police officer.

  • Handle governmental documents.
  • Make a complaint and ask for a refund from a seller.



*Currently these services are limited to Bangkok and metropoliatan area only.

If what you're looking for is not stated on the service list or if it is for business-related purpose, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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