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These are meaningful messages from our VIP customers.

If you are impressed with our services, please send us a feedback.

"I’ve been using Kae’s service since March of this year (2016)

In those months, she handled multiple projects for me. A few examples; She drew a map to my condo in Thai language. She ordered a certain medicine from a pharmacy on the other side of the city and arranged for delivery. She found where to buy men’s shoes in my size. She posted classified ads to sell exercise equipment that I no longer use. 

Kae seems to thrive on being detail-oriented and careful. She is creative about finding solutions to problems. And she possesses immense patience to research and call to find the information and products I need."

— Marc Auriel

"Kae's sheer determination and willpower to help someone in need combined with the fact that her research abilities and communication skills are beyond recognition. I value Kae to be as someone I can rely on for solid information. 

Her capabilities are second to none and I will vouch that she does not disappoint in terms of research and commitment to finishing a task properly, regardless of the market area or level of difficulty." 

—  Paul W.

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