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My name is Nannapat Pongbhaesaj.
You can call me "Kae" or "Kathy".

I'm a perfectionist who has an eye for detail. I have done many jobs so my work experiences are in various fields, both private and public sectors.


Although I'm not a specialist or an expert in any particular area but I believe my broad knowledge and connections with service providers or third parties are valuable to you. 

Helping people is always what I love to do and I feel good every time I hear people say "thank you" to me. I have been helping expats in online community, especially members in Facebook groups for many years. That's where I see people seeking for different kinds of help and
 realize how helpful I can be to them.   


It is a challenge for me to solve new problems and find possible solutions every day. I value "quality" and "dedication".  I take every task I do seriously. Many times I spend long hours to find out the best way to meet customers' needs. So you can be sure that the results you will get is worth the money and you can save a lot of time and energy in doing the tasks yourselves.


Feel free to ask any questions and leave me any comments about the services!

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