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Personal Assistant 

at your service

"Perfect help for your life in Thailand"

A Bit About Us 

We are a friendly and professional online/virtual assistant offering broad range of services to help foreigners in Thailand get things done.

Being a foreigner in Thailand, life can be difficult if you don't speak Thai or speak limited Thai. Even if you are fluent in Thai but you don't know everything the locals do, we can still be useful to you. 


We will save you lots of time and energy, making your life much easier, with less hassle and frustration.


So far we've done over 500 tasks to help foreigners get what they need.

Send your request for help 
Email, LINE, WhatsApp or Call us

Mon-Fri, 10:00-18:00

Your online assistance

  • Information finding and gathering

  • Research

  • Couriers, movers and drivers

  • ​Errand-running

  • IKEA Proxy and other shoppings

  • Product and service searching

  • General translation

  • Interpretation

  • Making phone calls

  • ​Personal arrangements

  • Thai maid/handyman

  • Product sourcing

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